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Century offers an unmatched selection of brand name natural stone countertops, vanities, and backsplashes.

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Are you seeking a maintenance-free surface? Is stain, heat, and scratch resistance among the top priorities for your space? Or perhaps style is what matters most? With access to exceptional materials to fit every style and budget, Century is your go-to source for all your counter surface needs.


Counters are one of the most visible and heavily used materials in our day-to-day tasks. Let Century’s team of expert designers guide you to the material that best fits your family’s unique lifestyle.

Fabrication and Installation

After making your selections at one of our showroom locations, an estimate will be prepared from the layouts provided or from an on-site visit to your new project. Once details are finalized, your material will be cut, styled and polished.

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Material Selections


The varied colors and patterns found in this natural stone make each piece one of a kind. Granite holds up well against water, heat and daily wear. Being a natural stone, granite is porous therefore we recommend sealing this surface.


Known for its durability, quartz can imitate the look of granite or marble. This non-porous material is stain resistant and virtually maintenance free. Choose from a wide range of color and pattern selections.


Extremely versatile–can be cast into custom shapes and colors tints. Concrete is a hefty material that will need adequate support underneath but will also stand up to heavy use applications.


A natural stone typically ranging in gray tones. Known to darken over time. Very durable, unaffected by heat and is chemically neutral, meaning acidic solutions will not damage it. Softer than other stone, making it prone to etching and scratching over time.


Marble is one of the most glamorous materials for kitchen countertops. Perfect for kneading dough, and composed mainly of limestone. Marble is a soft natural stone, therefore it can stain easily and needs to be sealed periodically.

Butcher Block

Traditionally used as a cutting surface, butcher block will scratch. Wood surfaces will swell with moisture and can harbor bacteria, for this reason butcher block counters need to be waterproofed, disinfected, and oiled regularly.


A high performance material that will not scratch, does not stain, is heat, fire, and cleaning agent resistant. Available in numerous colors and patterns and is resistant to extreme weather conditions making it a great option for outdoor kitchen spaces.


Stone tiles can be made with the same material used in slabs, like marble and granite, but at a fraction of the cost. Glazed tile is best as it provides a nonporous surface that resists bacteria and stains.

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