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Commercial Floor Care and Installation – Grand Rapids, MI

Our commercial flooring team can handle any size floor and any application. Whether your shop floor needs a new coat of epoxy, or you’re looking to bring the shine back to your lobby’s marble, Century won’t leave the job until you’re completely satisfied with the results. But our capabilities don’t stop there; below you’ll find a full list of our services that range from deep carpet cleaning to office furniture and upholstery cleaning.

Why Choose Century Floor Care?

Since our humble beginnings in 1993 as a commercial carpet cleaning team at a local office furniture dealer, Century has evolved and grown into a full-service cleaning and installation company. While we stay close to our roots and focus on the commercial flooring and janitorial services side, our showroom is the perfect place for builders and homeowners alike to come in and see our selection of residential flooring and kitchen and bath cabinets, as well as countertops.  We pride ourselves on staying active in the industry and have been members of the Starnet Commercial Floor Network for many years.

How Your Floors Affect Your Workplace

At Century, we know that a healthy workplace is a happy workplace and your flooring may play a bigger role in that than you realize. Airborne dust, debris, and germs all make their way down to the floor. If left alone, these build up over time leading to poor indoor air quality, higher rates of employee sickness, and an overall unclean office environment. With flooring being such a crucial component of your building’s interior, properly maintained floors reinforce your organization’s image while protecting the investment you have made in the flooring itself. Simply stated, proper floor care makes sense. Century uses the best available chemicals and machinery to keep your floors and commercial space in top condition, maximizing the lifespan and reducing your overall costs. Why wait until your floors need to be completely removed and replaced, cutting into your time and reducing resources, when proper floor care can extend the life and quality of your floors for years?

Commercial Flooring Services

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From installation to cleaning and care, Century’s commercial flooring team is the best in the industry when working with carpet. We know that all floors aren’t the same and because of that your entire office floor won’t always need to be cleaned with the same chemicals or the same frequency. All of our cleaning programs are custom – we get to know your business and the frequently trafficked areas so we can give them the deep cleaning they need and avoid wasting time and money on the areas that don’t.

Office furniture cleaning is a cost-effective way to extend the life of the furniture and upholstery in your office while keeping your office space looking and feeling fresh. Why pay thousands of dollars for new chairs or upholstery when a good deep cleaning can bring out years of dirt, sweat, and dust to get your furniture looking new again? Utilizing special cleaning chemicals and machines, we are able to remove even the hardest-to-fight stains like ink and grease from all types of office furniture.

Our commercial cleaning technicians are adept at both deep cleaning and restoring years of build-up from tile and grout. Using our special tile-cleaning tools, Century is able to remove these stains and discolorations while also being able to apply sealants to protect your floors from future damage. Knowing that design and color popularity may change many times in the course of a floor’s lifetime, we can also apply stains and color dyes to restore the look of your floors to their former charm or completely change their look! After recoloring the flooring is sealed and the new look is complete. Compare that to the cost of a complete floor demolition and remodel and you’ve saved yourself quite a lot of money.

Keeping your flooring coated and protected is vital to the efficiency, safety, and overall upkeep of your business. At Century we know that and we’ve worked with all types of hard surface flooring with those things in mind. Whether your shop floor or fleet garage needs a new coat of epoxy on the cement, non-slip coatings need to be applied to keep your employees safe, or your vinyl or VCT floors need a permanent no-strip coat to keep their appearance and durability lasting for years, we work with you to determine the best solutions for your flooring on your schedule and budget. Head over to our contact page to fill out the contact form on the right or give us a call to discuss your needs!

Knowing that some clients are not in need of permanent coatings for VCT and Sheet Vinyl, we have experienced technicians who can strip and finish or scrub and recoat your hard surface floors. Our floor care team uses the latest machines, methods, and chemistry to restore the

Trusted by two of the most prominent hotels in Grand Rapids for over 10 years, Century knows the importance of keeping your floors looking their best. Our commercial floor care team uses diamond pads and abrasive compounds along with specially weighted machines to bring the optimal level of shine and durability to whatever your hard floor composition may be. From marble and limestone to concrete and terrazzo, our technicians will truly care for your floors like no other company can and provide you with fantastic results.

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