Janitorial & Building Services

Janitorial & Building Services Team

Century’s janitorial and building services team works with our clients to create a custom cleaning schedule based on their needs, schedule, and budget. We know it takes a lot to run a thriving business, and our goal is to remove the burden of keeping it clean from you. Aside from regular cleaning, our teams work on construction site cleanups, offer window and power washing services, can repair and install drywall, and provide professional painting. All of our services are aimed at keeping your office space looking its best for your employees and customers. At Century, our company policy is to treat your business as if it were our own; we take pride in our work and will not stop a project until our customers are fully satisfied.

Janitorial Services

At Century, we know that all buildings are not the same, and that’s why we work with our clients to come up with a janitorial cleaning program that’s right for them. Whether your facility needs daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, we are able to work with your needs to offer a program that provides a consistently clean workplace. Do you have a cleaning team of your own that could use a hand? Century is happy to help, from filling in for vacations to providing better equipment and chemicals to providing a deeper clean, we are happy to work with your in-house cleaning staff.

Building Services

We know the mess that can come from construction projects large and small. From drywall dust to rusty nails, job sites can be quickly overrun by excess trash and rubble from the construction. Our building services team knows the worst part of any project is the cleanup so leave that part to us! We can clean your site quickly and efficiently so that the final touches and finishing pieces can be added on time and in a clean environment.
What’s the point of a clean office if your view is ruined by dirty windows? Century’s janitorial team uses telescoping wands, squeegees, and spot-free drying chemicals to give you a view that Windex and paper towel alone simply can’t. So before you break out the step ladder and spend the day with a bottle in your hand, give Century a call.
There are just some places that your standard hose can’t clean; that’s where Century’s power washing services come in. Whether your siding is beginning to show its age from constant staining by sprinkler system deposits or your sidewalks have accumulated their fair share of marks and stains over the years, our power washing tools remove years of dirt and wear to bring back the curb appeal your building once had.
Dents, dings, scrapes, and holes are all common occurrences to office place walls over time; the last you and your staff want to do is spend valuable time patching and painting the various marks and dents on your office walls. Our building services team can handle drywall issues of any size. Whether your walls just need a quick scrub and fresh coat of paint, holes need filling and sanding, or entire sheets need to be replaced, we are up for the task.
Our team works closely with each client to create a schedule that fits their needs and budget. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly services are required, our agreements ensure that your office or building is left looking clean, fresh, and appealing to anyone who happens to walk through the door. We place a strong emphasis on communication and are consistently open to any changes our clients may want or need. We will meet your needs for scheduling and are honored to be a part of your business' success. Remember, you never get a second chance at a first impression, so head over to our contact form or give us a call today for an estimate!

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